Fine Art Gallery Saint Tropez - Désir 60 x 80 cm

Claudie SAXE - Céramiste Peintre

Both introspective and violent, mysterious and determined, Claudie Saxe’s work is made of tensions.  The latter articulate the complex relationship that simultaneously link and oppose feminine and masculine, body and spirit, being and matter. Constant throughout her work, this struggle and the boundaries it traces fluctuates nevertheless, thereby challenging any formal limitation. Distinctly non figurative, Claudie Saxe’s paintingis also related by its use of matter and color with abstract expressionist work like that of John Levee’s more recent paintings ; It can equally be related to action painting, particularly by the way the canvas becomes an action space where the artist’s movment and the sincerity of her intention structure pictorial action.

Painting Désir 80x60 cm 

Fine art saint tropez - céramique saint tropez

Ceramic Romulus 27x10x14 cm 

fine art saint tropez - ceramic saint tropez

Ceramic Phedre D30x30 cm 

Fine art painting saint tropez
Fine art saint tropez - ceramique saint tropez

Ceramic Tiber 27x17x7 cm 

Fine Art Saint Tropez
fine art saint tropez
fine art saint tropez ceramic.jpg

Ceramic Celeste 19x9x5 cm 

Painting Toile 90x150 cm 

Ceramic Remus 20x13x12 cm 

Painting Dame 80x60 cm 

fina art gallery saint tropez - ceramique saint tropez

Ceramic Chimere 22x15 cm 

fine art saint tropez - ceramique art saint tropez

Ceramic Gaia 18x12x8 cm 

Fine art sculpture Saint Tropez

Sculpture bronze 25 cm